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I was looking through Angela Gair’s book TONAL VALUES how to see them and how to paint them yesterday when the last chapter caught my attention. In it (page 136) she writes about Line and Wash,

“…line and wash is an extremely expressive, and attractive technique. Here we have two opposites-finely drawn lines and soft, fluid washes-working together in perfect harmony…

The beauty of line and wash lies in its sketchy “unfinished”  quality…Never overwork an line and wash drawing-a few IndexCard 002 pngscribbled simple marks and simple broad washes are often all you need to convey every thing you want to say.”

I often wonder how I can forget things that have successful for me in the past only to have them reemerge when I read and/or see them expressed by others, especially as in this case so very eloquently expressed.

There was nothing left for me to do except go out and reconnect with this way of working.

So with my trusty gel pen and index cards in hand, I left the library and did several drawings (I have included the two most successful). Each was finished by smudging parts with a moistened finger. Once I got back to the studio I add some washes in a mixture of cobalt blue and burnt sienna using the #10 sable.