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here, there, everywhere …pulling from diverse places and sources

I pulled this from an email It says quite well what I’ve felt for a long time Single-Tasking Is The Answer for Improved Productivity Would you like to get more … Continue reading

November 21, 2014 · 2 Comments

31 native nature …05a,b,c, Skull Shoals getting ready for some plein air expeditions …watercolor

05a, 05b, 05c, Skull Shoals …getting ready for some plein air expeditions I broke out my plein air set up to see what I have and to make sure I’m … Continue reading

November 19, 2014 · 1 Comment

30 native nature …04 Skull Shoals …graphite

04 Skull Shoals …peek in the window 2 …graphite I forget sometimes how much I enjoy drawing. There is something liberating about focusing on value and texture without color. I … Continue reading

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29 native nature …Scull Shoals 03 …Warehouse/Store …Watercolor

Scull Shoals 03 …peek through the window …Warehouse/Store When you train as a Set Designer and Scenic Designer you learn that the most important contribution you can make to any … Continue reading

November 16, 2014 · Leave a comment

28 native nature …Rose Creek 05…reexamining a view

Rose Creek 05…reexamining a view …mixed media I liked this preliminary drawing and honestly I can’t remember precisely which painting I originally did it for. Ain’t that a kick in … Continue reading

November 12, 2014 · 4 Comments

027 native nature … a walk in the ghost town Skull Shoals

a walk in the ghost town Skull Shoals I got back down to Greene County and the Oconee National Forest today. My goal was the ghost town Scull Shoals and … Continue reading

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Get the drawing right

get the drawing right ain’t necessarily perfect Learn to draw. Try to make your hand so unconsciously adept that it will put down what you feel without your having to … Continue reading

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026 nature native …Skull Shoals 02 …mixed media

Skull Shoals 02 …mixed media …dry streambed I can’t decide if I like this piece or not but sometimes that doesn’t really matter. Often my most popular paintings are the … Continue reading

November 8, 2014 · 3 Comments

25 native-nature …Rose Creek the 2nd visit moving forward

Timidity in moving forward  …Rose Creek 04 After working up Skull Shoals 01 I decided to revisit the drawing I did at Rose Creek with some watercolor washes. I was … Continue reading

November 7, 2014 · Leave a comment

24 nature native …Scull Shoals 01 …mixed media

…Scull Shoals 01 (hen of the woods) …mixed media Scull Shoals 01 is the first work to come from my latest expedition into the North Georgia woods; even though, I … Continue reading

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23 nature-native …Rose Creek 03 …watercolor

Rose Creek 03 …watercolor This is another view of Rose Creek looking downstream from the Elder Mill Covered Bridge in Watkinsville, Georgia. Today I had a bit of time on … Continue reading

November 4, 2014 · Leave a comment

22 nature-native …a walk along the Falling Creek Trail

Falling Creek Trail in the Oconee National Forest About 30 miles south of Athens in Greene County lies the entrance to the Oconee National Forest  and today I went in search … Continue reading

November 3, 2014 · 1 Comment

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